Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dean Chalkley does the green thing

Photographer Dean Chalkley’s aim was to get people turning off the heating and pulling on a jumper instead.
“I find it so strange when people turn up the heating rather putting another a layer like a jumper. Jumpers are better than heating - they can make you really nice and hot. I’ve got one on now actually and I’m really toasty.”
“To make the point in a fun and impactful way, I wanted to make a jumper that was extraordinary so we found Korina Kyriakou, a jumper maker extraordinaire, and she designed and knitted something a little crazy for the shoot.”

“The guy wearing the jumper is Gideon, and he’s not only temperature hot, he looks hot too. I think Gideon will get lots of fan mail and his temperature will rise even more. He may even have to take a few layers off.”

“We did the shoot with no artificial light by the way, just reflecting light from the windows. We did the green thing!”

See for yourself in this lovely behind the scenes video below


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